The boom of the luxury homes in Los Cabos

The boom of the luxury homes in Los Cabos

Los Cabos, a region located south-western of the Baja California peninsula, is shaped by two small towns: Cabo San Lucas y San José del Cabo. Between them it is located a corridor of little more than 19 miles of beaches, resorts and luxury residential projects, specially labelled to the overseas market.

The capital gain of this place, an up to 30 years ago slice of desert with no buildings or value, and only tapped for fishing resources by the locals, goes beyond the economic expectations of the national market. Fishing, golf and a constant sun all along almost all the year, encouraged Americans and Canadians develop the actual economy focused in pensioners, travellers with a high purchasing power and celebrities.

In Los Cabos, a destination where adventure and luxury go hand by hand and where you may enjoy international food in the most exclusive restaurants, it is needed to make a reservation at least within three months in advance. This is why the region has turned into one of the places with the highest Real State development on the country, far beyond Cancun, Cozumel and Isla Mujeres. Plots of land are located in a range between USD$15,000 and USD$25,000 per square metre –according to specialists, a 40% higher than any other touristic place of the country.

Investors in venture capital are setting aside currently between $500USD and $2MUSD in refurbishment or restoration properties and adequate them to the current market demands. This is a tourist destination for vacationing with class & style and where investors recover their investments with high margin incomes in their favour. This idea includes costs of land in high added value areas, high range of construction at the highest level of especially conditioned places, like clubs or private villas.

According to specialists, the 2017-2019 expansion plan is considered to the building of more than 52,013 all-inclusive luxury rooms. This includes also private villas, homes, duplex and condos, and a service offer marked by exclusiveness, according to the Trust of Tourism of Los Cabos.

One of the attractive matters is that the buyer can build to his or her own requirements just in front of the sea in private plots that have a variable cost between $5MUSD and $10MUSD, leaving apart the Mexican traditional style in behalf of structures with modern finishes. These constructions, whether the buyer hire his or her own architect or ask the developer to make charge of build, have been in prosperity since many years, and never invested in the market; instead of this, the developments curiously uses a mouth to mouth mode to attract their buyers. Ones this is made, they carry out an exhaustive analysis of each profile with the purpose of maintaining to maximum possible the security and specifically the privacy of the inhabitants in the area.

Developers and Real Estate agents agrees that ten or 20 years ago, regular buyers were retired couples looking for leaving their cities and residences. Nowadays, there are more young families building their dreaming residences for their sons and grandsons. The developments they choose are places selected for purposes of leisure, with club houses, reunion spaces and the possibility to watch a movie at night; all this inside exclusive areas where villas, resorts and hotels get concentrated with a huge quantity of activities in a private zone, without general access and security granted.

Two hours away by plane from Los Angeles, the beaches, golf fields and luxury houses of Los Cabos, are the perfect refuge to stars like George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio, Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba or Jennifer Lopez, who are used to escape with certain frequency. This year is expected the biggest expansion of offer of room, since the area was on fashion in the ’70s, with the arrival of stars like John Wayne and Bing Crosby.

Finally, investors’ huge interests to develop the area is principally provoked by the beautiful beaches. For them, the arrival of bigger dimension constructions will cause an impact and economic spill that will generate the arrival of visitors and possible buyers looking for single family plots, hotels and condos, golf fields and maritime infrastructure, beside many other attachments.

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